Working on my kitchen table

IMG_1198 these days I've been doing a lot of work from my kitchen table.

you know, i thought i would be bored out of my mind since i don't have a nine to five job right now, but somehow, between blogging for iRun, job hunting and mapping out other freelance-type work, the days get filled up really quickly.

i'm really excited for this time right now. it's nerve wracking not knowing exactly what sort of work i'm going to get into, but at the same time i'm super happy to be contemplating the various routes i can go.

it's so funny because when i tell people i'm in journalism, and that i don't want to work for a newspaper as a reporter, they're like "GASP - what are you going to do? If not that, then tell me, where do you see yourself working? and why would you take journalism if you don't want to report?"

and it's like this: there are a million different avenues out there - it's similar to the fact that there are a million jobs which don't have a direct path to them, unlike the professional designation jobs (i.e. teacher, nurse, dentist) With journalism, there are just so many places to fit in, it's just a matter of seeking them out and planning a route to get there.

so right now, i'm enjoying my kitchen table, my "office" companions (prickly and canine), and the world - which honestly for the first time in my life feels like my oyster.

rarwh (lion roar.)

IMG_1061 IMG_1200 this guy, always at my feet ^^^