Not once, but twice

20130726-101624.jpg I don't want to jinx it or anything but I actually dragged my butt out of bed, two mornings in a row to go for a run this week.

Relating back to my post about goal setting the other day, one thing that I always, always put on my resolution or goal list is to get up earlier. If you made me tell you if I was a morning person or not, I'd have to say, not.

But I'll give myself a bit more credit then that. When I actually make it out of bed, I'd say I'm more or less a morning person - you know, relatively friendly, cheery, ready to get going.

It's the moments after my eyelids flutter and I KNOW I"m awake, that my body talks me off the edge (of the bed) and tells me it's a way better idea to just stay put - under covers, avoiding clock. And I'm not one to argue with my body. It says "sleep" and I say, "How long?"

So yea. I was happy with myself for getting going - not ONCE but TWICE- this week - when the sun was still climbing. (Can't wait until I can throw "THRICE times" in there.)

The question of how good of a run I get in the morning is a completely different discussion.

I'm not sure how inclined I am to "push myself" when I'm able to rationalize with my sleepy judgement-impaired self "Hey, you won half the battle, who cares if you stop running for a bit to take some pictures?"

And then the awake part of me is all like "Is this a run or a photo taking expedition?"

Sigh. Now you know the inner workings of this fence sitting brain I carry around with me the whole day long.

So in conclusion; not really a morning person, making baby steps and won't be doing any speed work during a morning workout.

Also this:









I told you I took some pictures.