Runners Clinic: Need for speed

20140603-085121-31881652.jpg A couple of weeks ago I participated in a Runner’s Tell All series hosted by Amanda and Beka and I had a few of you ask me what sort of training I did to run a sub – 1:35 half-marathon. And you’ve made me think! Every run I’ve been on since, my mind always wanders to “Ok, what’s your strategy? What’s the mechanics behind speed? And if you we’re going to share this with people, how would you approach it?”

For those of you who have been chasing a time and training to get faster, I’m sure you’ve read the literature – you know the stuff compiled by actual experts…. I want to preface this with the fact that I’m no expert – but I’ve been running and training to run competitively since I was 10 (so that would be almost 20 years) and I am really excited by the idea of sharing some of the things I’ve learned along the way. I’ve dabbled with the idea of starting a run programme in my neighbourhood so I think part of me is just motivated by the idea of teaching other people.

I do believe that if you want to run faster, you can. I know there are lots of people who are happy to run a pace they’re comfortable with - and that’s ok too. The idea of getting “faster” is something you should tackle once you not only LOVE to run but once you are also ready to push yourself. And of course, only after once you have a base fitness level. If you can check off those three things, then I say, welcome – let’s do this!

SO, if you’re game, here’s the breakdown of my Runner’s Clinic:

  • Week 1: Mind Training
  • Week 2: Physical Training
  • Week 3: Speed Training
  • Week 4: Putting it all together in your Long Runs
  • Week 5: Tips and Tricks Every Runner should keep in their shorts pocket

I hope this is fun and I hope you can join along.

If there's something specific you're looking to learn more about, let me know in the comments section!