You've Got Guts

It's a running link-up today hosted by Sunshine to the Square Inch and The (Lovely!) Lady Okie which is basically my dream come true. If there's one thing I can go on-and-on about, it's running and my relationship to it over the years. I wrote a little something about it here (there's some good old-school pictures of me in horrible running tights), and sometimes I write things about running for here. So you can understand when I was like, yes! Let's all talk about running together! So, in 250 words or less (it starts now), "My Running Story." Ahem:


I started running when I was nine years old. That's me on the track at our high school area meet. It was a pretty big deal for me that day because I surprised everyone. I remember it was like a chord was cut  because I just kept going.

I clearly remember the priceless look on my coach's face after I came around that first corner in the lead. It was just pure amazement like "Go Emily! Wait…. go Emily?" I loved that moment because ya I was little, but I was fierce. (Did I just quote Shakespeare? I'm sorry I couldn't resist.)

And that's been the trend. In high school we were training up and down hills all day and my coach told me, "Emily, you've got guts."

At the time I didn't get it. But now, it's a comment I'll take to the grave with me. He's right, I do have guts. I know I'm capable of putting my head down, and just running. And that my friends, is such a liberating feeling.