Applefest-ing for the Weekend

lighthouse-of-apples I don't know what they celebrate where you come from, but where I grew up, apples are kind of a big deal.

On the weekend, Mike and I went to my parent's place for Applefest. It's the festival that takes over my hometown for one weekend every year in late September. I could explain it to you, but to truly appreciate all the facets of a small town homecoming, you just have to experience it for yourself. It's a one of a kind thing - that actually isn't exclusive… you don't have to be from town to feel like you're part of it.

Applefest was the first occasion upon which I introduced Mike to my family over four years ago. It's kind of a funny story. Minutes before we pull into our driveway, when he expects to be meeting my parents for the first time, I confess to him that "Well actually it's going to be my whole family."

(He thinks at this point I'm referring to my whole immediate family.)

Then we pull up in front of my house to a crowd of about 30. It's extended family and friends and they're there to see the parade, not meet Mike specifically, but honestly if I could have captured the look on his face at that moment when he's staring down a crowd of curious family members… well it was something special that I won't soon forget.

I have memories of other years when it's been rainy and cold and we had to bundle up for the parade. This year the weather was spectacular - it was like summer graced us again for one last hurrah weekend.

You should know that the iconic symbol of applefest is the lighthouse made of apples - it brings together our town's two landmarks; the lighthouse and the prolific apple. It's been in use since probably 1985 and it wouldn't be the same festival without it.

The parade route goes by my parent's house and we all stuff onto the lawn to watch lines of tractors drive-by, the highlight usually being the Jolly Roger, a massive pirate-ish ship that uses gun powder to fire "shots."

Anyway, it's a weekend that holds a special place in my heart. It's the same vendors every year, the same Rotary BBQ, the same dunk tank in memorial park, but I really look forward to seeing my small town stuffed full of people there to walk around, just because.

parade-watching Crowds of cousins and nephews and nieces. Our family has basically doubled in the past 10 years.

parade-of-tractors parade old-time-gang old-time-gang parade-watching parade

cotton-candyone of my favourite red-heads <3 ^^

friends-at-applefest curling-paradeCurling parade display ^^

street-fair Crowds on main street ^^

hercules-plane A Hercules did a fly over ^^


apple-cider DSC_1172 craft-fair varieties-of-apples street-fair main-street war-memorial dog-in-backpack DSC_1174 DSC_1177 DSC_1179

See you next year Applefest!