Birthday Cake

The other day MK tells me that he isn't all that excited for his birthday this year. I'm sorry....? ....Do you know me but at all?! This is just terms for planning a ridiculous SURPRISE! birthday party. You have to at least PRETEND that you are happy your birthday is almost here. It kinda breaks my heart otherwise.

He made me promise not to [throw a surprise party], and I made him tell me that he would try look forward to "the day" with less trepidation, more anticipation. Getting older is tough... I get that. It doesn't matter if you are 7 turning 8, 62 turning 63, or 28 turning 29... getting older is about yielding our experiences and habits of that age to those younger then us. It's like having your turn on the swing in the playground: you have to give it up to the next kid in line after awhile. The thing is the sooner you get excited for the other options on the playground, the sooner you will enjoy the ride.

And it won't take you long to realize... that you were getting a bit tired of the swing anyway, and you never expected it, but the slide is actually really fun. You begin to think... what if I just stood around watching the other kids take their turn on the swing? I would have completely missed my trip down the slide.

And if this excellent little metaphor doesn't make you go "huh.." then I put forward to you the following:

Age doesn't discriminate. We'll all have to leave years behind (god willing) at some point. The way to beat the system? Maintain your youthful wonder and glow, and get excited for the things to come. In this respect, it's pulling a fast one on father time because when you are loving your birthday like a child, no matter what your age, you're actually making the point that the years don't matter at all. Plus I think you are really really special. And you deserve a day to honour and acknowledge what a truly blessed and amazing thing your existence is.

Happy Birthday darlin.'