Christmas Day Engagement Pictures

engage1_DSC7852_DSC7864_DSC7868_DSC7871_DSC7883_DSC7889_DSC7856-2 When I saw a picture on the internet, engagement style-ish, of a girl and a guy wrapped in Christmas lights, I thought it would be a hard sell to Mike to replicate. But I feel extremely lucky that it was extremely cold out that day, and he had little chance to dispute the fact that I was wrapping Christmas lights around the two of us. He also got to bring along his beer and put it in the snow pile (out of sight-line of course). In the approximate 8 minutes we were out there, it froze over. (And I mean it was really cold out. There were actual "Frost Quakes" in the early hours of the morning on Christmas Day. Essentially it's when the ground freezes. It doesn't normally happen... in fact it rarely happens. Case and point: it was THAT cold.)

I have to thank my brother-in-law Bruce who took these pictures for us on a whim during the busyness of Christmas Day (he's an amazing photographer go take a look at his work). I'm pretty sure the extreme cold left him paralyzed with a cold on boxing day, but he should know here, in the internet space that is forever, how much we appreciated him taking them.

This whole business of is really starting to sink in!! And today, we actually booked a venue for the wedding today! Only 220 days to go :)