Country Roads

In Canada, all roads lead to the country. Our Country is... country. And I love it.

I'm not exaggerating. We Canadians like to talk about how big Toronto is.. but did you know, if you were dropped in downtown Toronto, and told to drive in any direction (with the exception of South because you would end up in Lake Ontario) it wouldn't take you longer then 1 hour until you started to hit the remnance of farmland?

Seriously. Take Younge Street for instance. Younge Street is basically at the base of the CN tower in Toronto's downtown. It will take you, I guarantee, to the middle of nowhere Canada. In fact, Younge Street is actually a great example of the extent to which all roads in Canada really do lead you to the middle of nowhere. This is because Younge Street is not only officially the longest street/road (tomato/tomahto) in Canada, but the world. Oh yes, it is. It must be, because the Guinness Book of Records formally gave it the title as the longest street in the world at 1,896 km (1,178 mi). It starts in Downtown Toronto, at the shores of lake Ontario and goes to all the way into Northern Ontario, west through Thunder Bay and Kenora, before ending at the Minnesota border near Rainy River.

OK so full disclosure: this claim has been WIDELY and LARGELY disputed because it technically Younge Street changes names at one point, and well, you know, there are parts of it that you can't actually drive a car on... but the point I'm driving home here is that in Canada, you start on a road in the downtown of a city, you head in a direction (away from water) and you inevitably will end up in the countryside... because really when we get down to it, most of this (glorious) country is fields, streams, farmland, forests...

Can you blame my fascination with a wide dirt road? It's part of me, people.

Oh I can keep going.. I have an inordinate amount of pictures of roads.

With no exception, this past Canada Day Weekend, the road took us to the Country. The patriotic part of me loved the scenery, because damn, this country is fine. And it pleases me to tell you that when townie goes country, she feels at home again.