In Search Of Nature

One of the classes I'm taking this fall is Photo Journalism. This week's task? A photo of "nature." I have upwards of probably 300 pictures of my sunflowers and tomatoes from this summer on my hard drive, but in the spirit of the class, we have to submit a picture from within the confines of the start of the semester. (So those will just sit there until some unsuspecting family member has to watch a 15 minute slide-show entitled "My Garden." I still haven't worked out what song I'll use for the soundtrack... maybe Bruno Mars' Marry You?) In search of "nature" we made a half-hearted attempt to head out of our suburb. I say half hearted mostly because I wasn't feeling overly awe-inspired. I think it's because I feel a bit intimidated when it comes to photography... every shot of a typical "nature setting" I take feels unoriginal and washed out to me... I think this has more to do with the fact that it was just a really long and taxing week, and less to do with a complete loss of inspiration forever.

At any rate, we ended at a farm not 10 minutes from our house and it was trimmed completely for fall.... Basically my heaven on earth. And it makes sense really. I've been practicing taking pictures of vegetables all summer. And if I can't use pictures of my own veggies, why not just snap a few of someone else's?