Keep the Weekend Close at Heart

When I woke up this AM, I said to myself.... youdoloveMondaysyoudoloveMondaysyoudoloveMondaysyoudoloveMondays (Ug. But I don't really love Mondays. obviously.)

So I'm truthfully starting the week with the weekend close at heart.

Weekend Conundrum:

You know how you have a desk somewhere in the house, that is supposed to be your home office... but you end up sitting in a non-related desk place?

Try as I might I can't get my computer off the Kitchen nook table:

It's even funnier because I finally got around to unpacking my office area this weekend... the one that's supposed to be my real office space. There's a permanent home for my computer in a nice little nook in the basement, complete with pencil cup, file folders and Oxford Dictionary... I'm not sure why I can't stay down there yet - maybe it has yet to become a routine, or maybe it's because I'm trying to avoid listening to Breaking Bad which Mike burned through on the weekend (that show is crazy tense... while I refuse to watch it, I can't help but ask about plot development from around the corner... but any time I've tried to actually sit and watch it I end up anxiously pacing around the room.)

So currently in my home office:

At some point during the day on Saturday, I finally scraped myself away from the enthralling world that is Pinterest... (which I'm sadly still not sure I understand the purpose of, despite having sunk a good few hours into) and went out to tackle a few real life interests in my back yard.

I replanted the lavender:


Watched some stuff grow:

Watched some stuff dry:

And Best part of the weekend?

1) I found the pair of Steve Madden shoes that I fell in love with in NYC last DECEMBER, on sale in "little ol' 2 -decades-behind-fashion-wise", Ottawa !! (And I'm talking like 60% off sale... it was basically fashion destiny).

2) Lemonade (which made fixing the ever present leak in our pool that much more bearable):

3) This newly found recipe for creamy cucumber avocado salad dressing:

4) And lastly, (but really firstly), a wonderful night out with friends at the Greece Sing-a-Long show at the Bytown Cinema.