Life Lately From My Point of View

I'm staring at the chalk board in my kitchen which still has a "Summer Bucket List" scratched in my chalkboardish writing. From this angle it looks as though I dropped the ball on a number of the items... especially since today is the first day of Fall:

The rainy weather this week means I've been drinking a lot more tea:

And everyday I'm confronted with the fact that I should probably take my birthday cards down... considering my birthday was about 3 weeks ago:

But then again, the helium balloon is still going strong so why bother?

I'm of the mindset that when the going get's tough, Lo Mein will always be there to cheer me up:

And when the going gets tough it generally is because I 've been spending most of my free time here. I call it "the nook":

And also I have to mention that since I've been throwing myself completely into school work, Mike has been making me the perfect fall dish:

Also there's been an awful lot of this because I don't know if you heard but Football season started 2 weeks ago. I think it's safe to say that when Mike isn't making me curry generally speaking he's either thinking about football or Nachos:

Keeping me amused these days? Apple Cider hand soap from Bath and Body Works. Being clean never felt so seasonal:

This is how I feel about fall being here:

Welcome Fall!!!