lowertown-village-ottawalowertown-village-ottawalowertown-village-ottawalowertown-village-ottawalowertown-village-ottawalowertown-village-ottawalowertown-village-ottawalowertown-village-ottawalowertown-village-ottawalowertown-village-ottawalowertown-village-ottawalowertown-village-ottawalowertown-village-ottawalowertown-village-ottawalowertown-village-ottawalowertown-village-ottawalowertown-village-ottawalowertown-village-ottawalowertown-village-ottawa There's this neat thing about Ottawa; half of it is elevated on a plateau - it's the part with Parliament and the business district. But when you make your way down the hill, over the canal and towards the Ottawa River, you stumble into Lowertown.

When I first moved to Ottawa I lived in the heart of Lowertown; it proves to be a bit sketchy depending on what corner you are standing on, but there are so many lovely corners. It's probably one of the oldest (if not the oldest) neighbourhood in town and you can tell by looking at a lot of the buildings. Many of them have "carriage way" tunnels to the back of the property.

I was walking around Lowertown the other day and Fall hasn't left the city yet. We're still in the thick of it which makes me happy because I just love this season.