Music Box

I love this little music box. I rescued it a few years ago at a junk shop in Saskatchewan and it has recently found new home on my dresser in my rearranged sewing room. I had to tape the little ballerina onto her stand, (after which she gave a resounding sigh of relief!) but she still goes around and around to the music box tune.

When you are a kid, is there not such a wonder about finding a perfect place to put your treasures? That’s how I remember it. I tucked away rocks or shells from the beach or ticket stubs into magical places all over my room.

In Chapter 6 of Winnie the Pooh (in which Eeyore has a birthday and gets two presents) Pooh gives Eeyore an empty honey jar for his birthday. Eeyore’s balloon given to him by Piglet has burst and he puts the deflated plastic in and out, in an out of the jar. I remember him specifically saying, “Well, this is a very useful pot to put things in” and he is happy, for Eeyore.

I think it’s a lot like that for me and music boxes. It’s a very useful place to put little things. I don’t have any of the extravagant treasures that some adult jewelery boxes might contain, but I like the colours and playfulness of it. I still feel like I’m playing dress up when I pull something out. And there it sits on my dresser, holding little treasures and secrets…. as it has always been intended.