Real Life Wednesdays

What looks like ordinary on a regular day... it's Wednesday – Nestled nicely between Tuesday and Thursday – just enough time to think about how far away the weekend is, but far enough away that last weekend is just a distant memory. ……But don’t rush through it or tuck it away as “hump day” – it deserves just as much creed as the other days!!! On Wednesdays things can happen that translate into real life!

Exercise Reality Check: Wake up and be stretchy. Tara Stiles is awesome and brings yoga to a whole new level. Real Pictures in Real Time: Real food:

Really made me laugh: Derren Brown – Watch this video – or any of his videos… it's crazy! I’m telling you, the powers of eye contact, touching, and speech repetition are incredible forces when used correctly! Magic may not be real, but knowing how to read people is! I laughed so hard when I realized I fell hook line and sinker for a line when Sloop John B tried out one of Derren's methods on me!! I never knew I was so susceptible!!! Really? That line? C'mon Emily!

Feeling Really inspired by this to get canning this weekend and by this : Cable knit sweater - Knitting classes start next week!

Reading some Real Hard Truth- The China Study: Will I really have to give up meat? Real Time Rant (Rant follows): This article rubbed me in a REAL WRONG way

Free speech can be a good thing, so can self-recognition, despite these two things, and the author’s seemingly transparent awareness, I’m left thinking that she doesn’t really know herself as well as she claims to. It sounds like she knows one thing: that she is strong willed and still a bit immature. But if you really and truly know yourself, I don’t think you would be afraid to let others see you for whom you really are – and while she has no problem writing about her qualities in a self-deprecating yet self-inflated manner, she’s clearly hiding behind some sort of cynicism. I found that she seems to generalize about how marriage can make a person change. Whether you are married, or you just share your life with someone, you don’t have to be a different person, you can be true to yourself if you allow it. Maybe she’s afraid that she’s not strong enough not to change when she’s with someone? Oh.. and just because you are crusty and like to slander the things that make other people happy does not make you a feminist. Just sayin.' Something to rant/think about!!!

Really made me sing: Pay day today!

Real Wednesday love for this: Dinners together - reading about someone who loves to eat alone (see article above!), just makes me appreciate even more, what it is to share conversation with someone daily, who likes to talk to me... no matter what I'm singing about.

Real Life!!! Thanks for reading.....Really!