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This is me lately: Jogging pants. Dog. Camera.

Cold weather & a new Target store get the credit for the jogging pants.

Also Cliff has been the cuddliest Cliff as of late.

You might draw your attention to the fact that our bedroom has no bed. It's a long drawn out story which involves Craig's List and a guy who called himself both Dorian Grey and Hank Moodie (on two separate occasions.) The whole saga spans about three years and it's culminated in the last three months with a permanent sleepover in the guest bedroom. Last night we got rid of the last piece of the cursed thing (the mattress that had been laying on the floor of the bedroom, half-way house style for far too long) and now we're starting fresh. Fresh paint, fresh furniture. Everything gets a touch of new-ness and I can't wait. (Let me know if this is something you'd like to hear more about; I always feel like it's necessary to do a pulse check before I go to deep into adventures in Used Furniture internet shopping.)

But while we're on the topic:

I'm leery of a self-portrait. In fact I really actually hate taking them. Generally speaking I don't like pictures of myself which is probably sad since I should be passed that stage in my life by now. But also it's kind of the worst when you are the picture-taker of the house-hold and there really aren't any pictures of you and you end up being more comfortable taking pictures of other people anyway. It's a fine line; artists used to do self-portraits and I think it captured a moment in time for them. Today it's a bit of a fishy situation. Fishy in that many people make fish faces when they take a self-portrait and I don't think this has anything to do with a representation of their inner self. Unless of course there's a permanent funk in the air.

I think this is a unique moment in time for me. I mean. I don't have a bed in my bedroom. So there's that.

I shall call this stage: "Between Bedrooms, Self-Portrait"

I've been avoiding for about ... 5 months now (give or take), sending the web editor at iRun a picture of myself for my bio on the website. So, this is me, shaking out the cobwebs, getting comfortable in front of the camera.