That Old Weekend

weekend-picturesweekend-picturesweekend-picturesweekend-picturesweekend-picturesweekend-picturesweekend-picturesweekend-picturesweekend-pictures We've been using the extended winter as an excuse for more hibernation. You know those days in the spring and early summer when you're convinced you should be busy? This is optimal nap weather. And optimal "let's not go out tonight weather." Any excuse to be a hermit a bit longer.

This is not to say that I didn't shriek a little bit when I peered into my greenhouse late last week and discovered some fuzzy little green-haired growth. Something's brewing. March has got my name on it, I just know it.

Tomorrow the Save-the-Dates go out. Five months and 13 days until some vows and a whole lot of dancing. Mike saw my to-do list on my desk when he was using my computer and confessed to me that he didn't have the stomach to look at it. So far, it's been a lot of fun. But to be honest, I think the reality it all is just setting in. I mean, life is already on fast-forward but I have a feeling these days ahead are just going to be a blur in my memory. So, to state it for the history books, on Friday, I got excited when I saw a proof of the invitation. These guys are designing it for us, and talk about an amazing eye. I just cannot wait to see a final product.

And my heart rippled a little bit when I was browsing through groom outfits.

I'm a lucky, lucky Emily Anne.