The Beginning of The End

Gulp. five more days left at work. I'm not sure how I'm feeling about this Monday with so many things in my life coming to a close at the end of this week. If I could freeze time, sometimes I think I would. But then of course, what fun would that be?

This past weekend itself was a bit of a Rollercoaster. On Friday night Mike competed in the semi-finals of a Yuk Yuk's comedy competition. It went really well but unfortunately he didn't advance to the next round.

I already declared "robbery" on Friday so this is old news to most people I talk to on a regular basis. But here in print I say it:


Granted comedy is so subjective (case and point, Larry the Cable Guy is like, actually funny to some people) but I say this with an unbiased, un-girl-friend lens... though I'm sure you will find that hard to believe ;)

At any rate, He did fabulous (and he didn't make me want to puke with horribly offensive jokes about women like a few of the other contenders did). You can't make every single person laugh all the time. Though Mike, you should know, it's very honorable to try : )

On Saturday we drove up to Mike's family's cottage on the lake.

It helps to lick your wounds and prepare for life changes when you have a drink in hand and you can hear the loons singing.

On-ward and upward, right?

After I get through Monday of course.