This is how I feel today

20131017-090331.jpg For a really long time I didn't have an iPhone and it killed me to miss out on photo opportunities. I'm usually slow to most digital trends but, it didn't really bother me until I realized how many times I'd want to capture something and I had no means to do so.

The moment that most clearly sticks out to me as "the photo that got away" happened a few summers ago. A beautiful woman with a traditional blue head dress and blue sarong was looking out of a bus stop down the road as she waited for the bus. Head to toe in blue. The reason it hurt so much to miss the photo? Huge graffiti letters scrawled across the bus shelter: BLUE - it was the perfect collision of two worlds. I (clearly) still regret not being able to capture that moment for some reason.

I rectified it last winter when someone special gifted me their old iPhone. Best hand-me-down ever.

All this to say, today I walked out of my house and was greeted by this ^^ After yesterday, it was one of those moments that made me feel like the world was speaking to me.

Let the light shine through people!