2012: And So It Starts

The holidays always go by so fast. It's a whirlwind of catching up and so many fun moments... this year I literally tried to force my sisters into staying up with me to watch a movie, just so we could spend some more time together. (Finally one of us realized we were all sleeping and made me turn it off and go to bed.) I'm always looking so forward to the time together and then we have to go and get sleepy from all the wine and chatting. It isn't until a few days after the last guest has gone home, or I'm back at work that I realize what's happened... and then I'm left feeling a bit deflated that the special glowing time is over and gone for another year. Faced with... four long cold months. I overdid it as per usual this Christmas holiday on the sweets, wine and nap time, and I don't even really love sweets or napping so that says a lot. On New Year's Eve we meandered out into the great big silent still and snowy world, and it made me feel perfectly fine with relishing the down time... it seemed to be what everyone else was doing as well.... So still and quiet.

The last few minutes of 2011 however were not quiet, as I'm pretty sure the sound of the noise kazoos carried across the frozen lake.

my hope for 2012 is that i can spend the year just as i started it: Disrupting the peace and enjoying the silence when i get a chance to.