All About the Girl

If you are new to Sparrow in the Treetop you should know that the hardest thing for me to write on this blog has always been the "About" section. Not "hard" as in "I'm struggling with it internally" - like some sort of existential crisis - I just mean I sit down to write it and I end up staring at the blinking cursor on the screen for what seems like forever. And then I come up blank. Massive writers block. It's an odd thing considering usually you should probably have the most things to say about yourself. I went through a similar process that time I had to write a bio.

What is that about?

So anyway, we're always changing. Life brings us new curveballs and we adapt, grow stronger, develop new preferences. Some things about me will never change (for instance, you can dye your hair, but you can never take the red out of the redhead).

In an effort to rectify this, here are 10 things about me:


1. I grew up in a small town outside of Toronto. On a dirt road. When I was little I spent a lot of time playing the woods, building forts and wading the creek. I really miss the small town life and it would be awesome if someday, somehow we could move back there. For the time being though, I'm really happy in Ottawa, it's such a beautiful and friendly city.

2. I met Mike when I moved to Ottawa. On our first date I won $60 on a slot machine at the Casino and it was my first time ever in a casino. I asked Mike to help me describe myself and his two words were "Friendly" and "Freckles." It's true I have a lot of freckles and they become more prominent in the summertime.

3. I've spent the past year in a Master of Journalism program. It's not what I expected it would be... but I don't regret the time I've dedicated to it.

4. I won't define myself by the activities that I do, but I will say that I have a really big need to stay active. Like when I go through periods of my life when I don't run, I feel like I'm not really embracing the part of myself that just needs to lay it all out there on the pavement.

5. I like a really good folk song. Or John Denver song (I got that from my mom). It makes me feel things I don't get from everyday life.

6. I ask a lot of questions (I got that from my dad). Sometimes stupidly irrelevant ones... like "oh but what colour was the car?" when really the colour had nothing to do with the story. My parents put a cartoon magnet on the fridge and told me it was a version of me. The cartoon reads "But what if there we're no hypothetical questions?" No... but seriously, what if?! ;)

7. I believe everything happens for a reason. I also believe that's there's something bigger out there, helping us through the daily trials and tribulations of everyday life.

8. I have three nieces and one nephew and they really mean the world to me. I'm turning into the tearful aunt because every time I realize how big and beautiful they are getting, I'm just so happy that I know them and grateful that they came into my life.

9. I'm nostalgic. I like re-watching shows I love because it makes me feel comfortable (Friends, The Office, Friday Night Lights). And while I like challenges and setting goals and trying to achieve them, I really don't like change all that much.

10. I'm happiest in the following places (in no particular order):

  • a used bookstore
  • a thrift shop
  • my kitchen nook
  • my parent's kitchen
  • in the front passenger seat of our car
  • a coffee shop or pub with one or two girl friends
  • a track
  • sitting beside a christmas tree

And that, in a 10 point nut-shell, somehow makes up what I'm all about! If you are new here, I hope you'll take the time to stick around awhile. Leave me a note in the comment section because I want to know more about you too!!

Have a great weekend everyone & Happy Thanksgiving!!!