Best moment of the week

Over the weekend we made a long over due escape to mike's family's cottage. Since Christmas we've only made it up there once and that was when the snow was on the ground. It just makes you realize how quickly 6 months can fly by! When we hit the road on Friday night, mike said to me that in that moment - with the car windows down and the sun shining and the music playing, that there couldn't be a better feeling in the world. Which is always a nice thing to hear.

The cottage is on this beautiful lake not far outside of Ottawa - far enough that you feel like you are getting away, close enough that you can do it on a weekend.

When we turned the lights off that night I could hear the crickets chirping and there wasn't a light in the dark sky- and I knew what he was talking about when we left the city. That moment was the best moment of the week.

Sometimes things that make you happy come in these huge & dramatic moments (making a huge purchase, getting a new job) and then other times, the best moments are those little ones that happen in between. They're the ones that I want to write down so that I remember them.


IMG_2342 IMG_2355


we had to block this little bugger onto the deck because we couldn't keep him away from the water :o ^^^IMG_2359


what little moments do you have during the week where you feel that "pinch me" feeling?