Blank Canvas

blank canvas There's been a lot of time spent talking about the future lately. I think it's only natural… when you're planning to get married right? Our conversations have been drifting towards questions like "Where should we live? and "Are we ready to "settle down"?"

And usually these thoughts are followed with statements like this:

"Let's move somewhere warm. Do you think we can do it before next winter?"

(Full disclosure: that was only half-joke. This past week I think we've come closer then ever to following through with this threat. Most recently the location was Arizona but I'm sure it will change next week.)

But more seriously, there's been a lot of pontificating about what we want from our family life - how we each want it to look. It seems weird to verbally plan things out. Some things we're actually trying to physically change habits of… because I feel like unless you start to do it now, we'll never make the change. For the most part though it's a lot of strategizing the game plan.

I guess we have a lot of time sit and think about these sorts of things. I think that's a unique part about our generation. I'm pretty sure my parents just lived it out as the plays happened. (In fact my mom said she never read ONE "how to look after a baby" book - which I feel like the WASPs of 2014 would just GASP at.)

But hey, the luxury of this time; I'll take it. Why not relish in the fact that life might change quickly from here on out? And can it hurt to air it out in advance?

And it's funny because other than a (3 HOUR) meeting with the minister who's marrying us, we haven't had any formal "marriage counselling." But somehow we started to tackle a lot of the hard questions on our own;

"What about finances? What about if we can't have kids? What will you say if our kid asks you if God exists? What about if you lose your job? What about if I quit my job? Do we need two cars?"

I do realize that life isn't something you can sit and plan. Nothing is ever exactly as you imagine it will be, and the best laid plans can fall through.

But all the same it's comforting to talk "life" with someone you're going to marry. I like the idea that we're on the same team. And that we're all excited and hyped up about the potential of the future. Even though we've done some pretty exiting things already and taken some pretty big milestones together,  I feel like we're still looking at a blank canvas. There's a lot of wonder and excitement in a gaze like that.