Coffee Chat

The thing about writing into the void of the internet is, sometimes you forget that any number of people could be reading along. That's the point of course, but admittedly, it sometimes slips my mind that there are people who know my name and a little bit about me based on this small piece of internet real estate I've carved out for myself over the past couple years. Likewise, I'm guilty of following actively along in other bloggers lives, wondering what's new with them, where they work, and do they think they'll be a blogger when they grow up too? ;)

Brenna at Bubbly in Brooklyn inspired me the other day when she decided to have a coffee chat with her readers, and in the spirit of online friendship, I thought why not keep the ball rolling and ask the same thing of all the lovelies who I met right here.

As Brenna put it, let's have a coffee chat & get to know each other better


So this is what I want to know about you my friends (both old and new!) 1. Are you old enough to remember Goonies, the first time skinny jeans were in style or Popples? 2. What's your day job? 3. Would you call yourself an introvert or an extrovert? And do you get along with your opposite? 4. Do your parents read your blog? 5. If you were given the choice, would you pick up and move, or are you happy with the city you live in?

And now, I'll fill in the blanks on me: 1. I'm old enough to remember all three - I used to have a pink Popple. I coloured on it with a purple marker. 2. By day I'm a Government of Canada Employee (all the views expressed here are my own ;) ). But that's recent - I was in school doing a Masters of Journalism degree this past year. Not sure yet what the future holds. That's what I groan about a lot here on this blog. 3. I'd say the reason I blog is due in part to the fact that I'm an extrovert - I love the idea that there are people all over the world you can reach through blogging. I love making new friends and I'm inspired by people... not by silence. I think I'm a good compliment to an introvert - though there are many times I just want to stay at the party and Mike is like "nope - home time." I've never really understood the expression "I need some alone time." 4. Yes and no. My Dad has been a long time reader and my mom sometimes can find her way to this site if my sister sends her the link, but otherwise she's ... technologically challenged. My dad has actually mastered the commenting mechanism which never fails to impress me (way to go dad!). 5. I love the idea of adventure. I dream a lot and sometimes this involves moving to a city I've never known before, other times it involves moving back to my small country home town. I think Mike and I both dream about moving at times so who knows, maybe at some point in the future it could happen. Right now, I'd say I'm about 80% in love with Ottawa - you have the benefits of a big city, but it feels like a small town. It would be a great place to raise a family.

Thanks for the friendship,

Emily :)