Count Your Blessings

When something makes us realize how good we have it, we say, “count your blessings.” We all know we don’t do it enough, without prompting that’s for sure. It’s a kind of common knowledge that part of being human is forgetting how lucky we are.

I think this has to do with the fact that our heads would explode if we actually realized ALL THE TIME all the amazing things that factor into our existence for one small seemingly average day:

For instance in the average day of life, the planet stays put in our solar system. Sooo, pretty remarkable, but slightly incapacitating if you think about it for too long. Especially for someone like myself who knows nothing about physics, astronomy, or science. I usually choose to let that one slide.

Also, you can turn on the news in our great country (or anywhere in our continent for that matter) and see any number of political debates about rights and freedoms and our quality of life taking place. Regardless of the side of the debate you stand on, you would have to agree that we seemingly won a lottery: there are people in our society, fighting for each other’s well-being, collectively. But, I’m not a politician type so I just leave those topics up to the experts. Though, admitedly it’s good that someone’s looking into it. Otherwise, we might be in… Syria.

I actually complained the other day that there were too many temptations to snack in the office during the afternoon. Such luxury it is to abstain from having calories.

I inwardly groan when I remember I made a promise to myself to go for a run.

I hate taking the bus and I think it’s the worst thing in the world to ask of someone… public transportation (*shudder*).

My computer freezes constantly. I have only marginally fast access to unlimited information.

If you have been granted the ability and time to read this, it’s evident that we should know how lucky we are: Our existence on the planet, democracy, freedom, food, health, independence, autonomy of person, the internet – it’s a staggering load of appreciation to bear when you put all these things together.

How do you manage to truly appreciate all of the graces life grants us? Sometimes it’s hard to count ALL your blessings because we really are that lucky.

And if you aren’t capable of understanding the intricacies of gravity and centrifugal forces,

Or you have little desire to contribute actively to politics;

Or you would like to diet because it would be good for your health;

Or you just don’t want to exercise today;

Or you are human and public transportation really is annoying to you (day IN and OUT);

And you really DO need a new computer;

How do you keep in mind a little perspective without seeming lazy or ungrateful?

Maybe it isn’t always apathetic to accept things, status quo. Sometimes, I think it is just about right to acknowledge that you've got things pretty good, just the way they are…..For instance, maybe even the morning commute.