Family Day

It's a holiday in Canada today: Family Day. The irony about Family Day is, it's a "provincial" holiday - so everyone in Ottawa who has a job with the Federal Government (which is probably 75% of the working population) has to work on "Family Day." Bummer. Imagine your kids have the day off school but you have to go to work so they get shipped off to a sitter's house? Something's wrong with that picture. I used to work for the Federal Government - but now I'm a degenerate grad student sitting on my couch in pyjamas at noon (and I may or may not shower) and to be frankly honest I have no classes on Mondays anyway so there really isn't anything different about today in this household.

i've realized that as you become older, you become less concerned with other things in your life - things that seemed so important when you were younger - and you realize that your time is better spent with family.

nothing could really be truer. despite all the struggles, the ups and downs, life turmoils, distance and eccentricities that make up a family, there really isn't anything that can replace them.

since the student budget is tight and my family doesn't live in town, I won't be able to spend the day with:

two sisters, three nieces, one nephew, two brother-in-laws or mom and dad.

but..... the other thing about getting older is your family will grow, it's one of life's many blessings.

and so i get to spend the day pulling shoe's out of this guy's mouth:

Cliff 4 months

sharing a wonderful brunch for two:


And of course intervening in various attempts to overthrow the canine (from the advancing feline front):


Happy Family Day!

And remember in the words of George Bernard Shaw:

“If you cannot get rid of the family skeleton, you may as well make it dance.”