I ain't afraid of no ghosts

The other day I was taken out on a date. It was the old fashioned kind where I got picked up in a car, and wasn't told where we were going.  Mike likes to play this game with me where he plans surprises and it isn't until the last minute that I find out what the plan is, who's involved and how it all came together (it's fun - but I have to remind the control freak side of me to relax and enjoy.. which as you read on you'll realize why I've developed this sort of knee jerk reaction when I don't know where I'm going). So on Wednesday when we ended up at a movie theater, and it dawned on me that maybe we were going to see Man of Steel since we've been talking about that for a few weeks - but when we got to the front of the ticket line, Mike produced from his pocket two tickets to the advance screening of The Conjuring.


And then I knew why he kept it a secret - have you heard of this movie?! I don't know if I can quite accurately describe to you how scary it actually is. Like, think The Exorcism meets Paranormal Activity. For instance, the 15 year old-boy sitting next to us didn't take his hands off of his eyes the entire movie. So needless to say, if I had been told where we were headed, I'm pretty sure I would have dug my heels in. But I made it, and I haven't been sleeping with the light on so I guess I was more or less unscathed, plus I got a date night out of it :)

I'll also just quickly add that this was the second time I'd successfully fallen for the "oh we're just headed to the movies" type of night - back in May a friend passed along tickets to the advance screening for The Way Way Back (still think that's the best movie of the summer btw) and I'd fallen for the ruse similarly when Mike surprised me with the evening.

But I do have to admit, the movie made me think a bit... The story is about "renowned" Demonologist Ed Warren and his supposedly clairvoyant wife Lorraine Warren. Throughout their career they more or less came to be "respected" as actual ghost and daemon hunters. You know where this takes us; The Conjuring was about a family that moves into their new home, and quickly they realize it's not just your average Victorian house in the countryside. So when small things start happening around the house, the family calls on the Warrens for their help and then before you know it, they're in a full out war against the daemon that lives in their basement (sorry have i said too much?).

At any rate, the director should know that they clearly got me with the "based on true events" line at the beginning.


But to be completely fair, it's not like this was the first time in my life that I've wondered about these sorts of things.

If you've been reading this blog since the beginning you might remember one of the first stories I told was about a really strange and creepy experience Mike and I had when we were looking for a place to live about 2 and a half years ago. You can read the full story here andhere, but in a nutshell, we both came away from the same house, without any sort of previous discussion, convinced that something dark was going on there. And as I explained in that original post, there was no reason for either of us to feel that way about the perfectly normal house, on that perfectly normal night we had one week before Christmas while house hunting.

This is the quote that movie director James Wan uses at the end of the movie:

"The fairy tale is true. The devil does exist. God indeed exists. And for us, as people, our very destiny hinges upon which one we elect to follow." - Ed Warren

So yes, I openly admit that I've wondered about ghosts... and the other things that go bump in the night. I think I'm of the opinion that if something as incredible as walking around on planet earth is possible, then perhaps it's equally possible that different sort of things exist? After all, good vs. evil is one of the oldest stories ever told, and stories exist in culture for a purpose. Not only do stories exist as social mechanisms to teach lessons, throughout our existence they have served to capture the meaning of our lives so that we can continue to pass it down the line.

WOW. I got all of that from a scary, summer flick. ;)

What do you think? Have you ever had a real life experience that made you wonder if their really was something else out there? Or - is everything as it seems?

The Conjuring opens in movie theaters today!