I Kinda Like the Cold Snap

Please don't hit me or internet poke me but it's true; I do kinda like the cold snap. Today in Ottawa it's minus 27 degrees Celsius.

I just love the dead of winter. Last year it was way too warm here - we hardly had a winter and it freaked me out. It would be different if I lived somewhere sunny and warm - where we weren't supposed to get cold weather. Here it's different. A good cold winter day is part of my identity. I am Canadian after all. I want to have to work for my summers.


At night, the Winter is quiet. When you step outside at night, you get a stillness in the winter that's unlike any other season. Crickets or cars, the sound of people at a night time party, or barking dogs all shatter the quiet of a spring, summer or fall night.

In the winter, whether you live in a busy city or on a country road, you get to experience the quiet. The colder it is, the more quiet and serene the night becomes.

Catch my [snow] drift?

Also in the winter you can hibernate without cause for an excuse.

If it's a cold night, you have carte blanche to stay inside, watching movies under a beautiful patchwork blanket that your sister made you for christmas (this actually happened to me and it's wonderful).