Kate Took Her Top Off

So unless you've been under a rock you've probably heard: Kate took her top off.


I'm just curious, but do you find this to be breaking news?

Does it surprise you that she's human underneath her royal garb? Is it new? Had we never considered before that in private the Dutchess might be guilty of taking her top off?

I've gotta tell ya, I'm slightly concerned about the state of the world these days.

It's not like I think everything we read should be about civil war or humanitarian crisis, but really... c'mon... boobs? Like have we all just regressed as society to the point where we've become trapped in a 13 year-old boy's body?

There's also the question of the photographer who traipsed around, lugging a telephoto lens so she could quite legally capture a shot of the duchesses' titties.  I'm not sure if the photographer  did it for money, or she did it for fame, or if she did it simply because someone asked her to, but isn't the answer to any one of those questions slightly disturbing? Are we really so shallow that we'll go to those lengths to invade someone's, (anyone's) privacy to that extent?

What's that you say? She's a celebrity, a person of the public and she should expect it? She should be aware that if she takes her top off outside on private property, she should be aware that a picture just might be taken of her? Ug. You people are ugly - find something better and more productive to do with your time instead of thriving off of peeping toms. Stop fuelling the beast and creating the demand for the crazy crazy antics behind photographers like this one.