The Manifesto I Didn't Realize I Lived By, Until I Wrote It Down

Manifesto. ManiFESto. Mani-fes-to. Manifesto. It sounds so formal... almost like something that should be written down on parchment paper with a calligraphy pen.  Geeze, I hope I'm doing it justice enough by word-pressing mine.... oooooo I dunno… (nail bite.) *throat clear* Ahem:

The Manifesto I Didn't Realize I lived By Until I Wrote It Down

1. Ask your friends for advice. They are your friends for a reason.

2. Own a cat. It's humbling.

3. Not all new things are the best things.

4. Run. Run some more. Then go for another run.

5. Make money at some point in your life while doing something you have dreamed up on your own.

6. Beware of people who are scared of birds.

7. Don't ever let anyone tell you, that you will need them… especially if you know in your heart you could do it on your own.

8. If you love someone, it's ok to need them.

9. Spite and malice hurt you more than the object of your affliction.

10. Guilt trips erode relationships.

11. Open your windows. Avoid air conditioning.

12. If you don't meditate, hand-wash your dishes. It's a good substitution.

13. Your 15 year old daughter really just needs a hug. Even if she seems like a moody and sullen drama queen.

14. Love at first sight is a fraud. BUT,  you will know after one date... especially if you know yourself.

15. A long cool bath in the early summer evening is bliss.

16. Things like itchy skin, stomach cramps, nervousness, insomnia and irritability can be caused by eating crap and drinking too much.

17. Multi task while you brush your teeth.

18. Work the saying "they will rue the day" into your weekly vocabulary.

19. Be passionate. Get worked up a little.

20. Figure out if you understand what being complacent means. If you find that you can see it in yourself... change something.

21. Allow yourself to be attached to things like photograph albums, your childhood stuffed toy, and the dishes your mother gives you.

22. Keep a recipe book. I know everything is online today, but if you write it out with care, you own a little piece of it for all time.

23. On the things in your home: if you arrange your possessions with sincerity, it will look unique and beautiful.

24. Hang your pictures at eye level.

25. Beauty is found by the eye in quantities of 3 or 5.

26. If all your facebook status updates are about how much you hate the weather, your job, the government or other people's attitudes, it's quite conceivable that you need a MAJOR attitude check.

27. Don't fall asleep on the couch. Pick yourself up and put yourself to bed.

28. If you are needing naps, you probably aren't getting enough sleep.

29. If you find yourself snapping at people who don't hold the door open for you, stop, take a breath, and ask yourself if that is what's really wrong.

30. When you are a bridesmaid, or a member of a wedding party, it's really annoying if you don't try to do your fair share in helping out with wedding events.

31. The decisions we make as teenagers are not always naive and uninformed; they are just less obscured and jaded by more years of experience.

32. Own a dog; it's reassuring.

33. Be straightforward. Wear your heart on your sleeve. Love as you see fit, and remember that people are reluctant to turn down love at any point.