[gallery type="rectangular" ids="8931,8926,8928,8932,8927,8929"] This Salad (spinach+avocado/bacon/tuna+harvarti); These leggings; This recipe for cake batter blondies; this quote (now I get why people blog!!); these boots called Pegggie (with three "g's"); this festive arrangement.

I'm not going to lie - this week I cracked the Christmas crafting seal! I'm working on a couple projects that already have me feeling festive - which is totally allowed (I'm told) because Remembrance Day is over. #FairGame. In between glitter and glue sticks and a really hectic week at work, I'm feeling pretty excited about comfortable fall clothes that are warm - and living in front of my fire place. The novelty of that crisp-cool weather hasn't worn off yet.

Ooo ooo and this weekend I'm going to see this amazing singer with friends! I just found out about her and I'm pretty excited!


But first, before the weekend hits, a blog giveaway! My very first ever!! .... well - it's kinda mine!! Bonnie from The Life of Bon is organizing it for her gaggle this month and I'm so happy to be part of i! She's really welcoming me to this blog world like I've never felt welcomed before :)

So head on over and enter the give-away  (it's for CASH how could you NOT?!) As a newbie to this sort of thing, I really appreciate all your support!