Water Karma

If you believe in karma, (and I know you do), you probably gasped when you read about last week's fiasco with the pool. As in, "GASP. Does she not know but at all what sort of drought she's bringing upon herself!?" You weren't alone. While 17,000 litres of fresh, beautiful, clean water was being pumped back out of my pool (still not telling you where we pumped it), I was thinking two things: One:

The City help line needs to develop new guidelines on how to provide "help" to callers (oh and while we're revisiting the topic, all drains do NOT lead to the same place as I had originally assumed (ass). I was informed by a very helpful reader (internet 1-customer service, minus 1) that there are storm drains which empty into a water source and there are sewers which you know, go and fester or something).


Two: I'm going to be hit with a whole heaping pile of water karma for having wasted so much water.

Confession: Sometimes as an insecure Canadian living on top of a world super-power, I have post-apocalyptic Hollywood-esque visions of the US Army taking control of Canada's Fresh water supply. Army vehicles wheel water trucks through my ghost town subdivision and those of us survivors run to the road for distribution like it's the frickin' ice cream man. (Same happy ice cream song, but more Camo and more crowd control).



So if you were able to read my virtual cringe, I'm saying  I've got a pretty big fresh water debt to repay.. that is if I'm to avert eternity in a desert. In fact, I'm getting thirsty just reading this.

For those of us unawares, some sources have Canada pegged as a  20% shareholder of the world's fresh water supply...  and because we have abundance, we use abundance ... i.e. we consume upwards of about 350 litres of water a day per capita... i.e. we only really need to use about 20-40 litres of water per day for drinking and living... what do we do with the rest of it?

Oh I don't know.. :

Or you know, if you're me, you fill a pool up and then dump it....

In short, we're big.fat.water.wasters up here in the great white north. "True North Strong" and Wet, is the new lyric I believe.

Conservation plan:

1. The usual offenders: the shower, the running water while brushing teeth, doing dishes, small loads of laundry (not a problem there, I don't do laundry enough as it is).. take it into consideration when using.

2. The UNusual offenders: Meat, coffee, paper, clothing.. consumer products in general... the more you use (aka buy) the more water we use in production and/or growing. Beef - not an issue here... I'm more than happy to cut back. Coffee on the other hand... that one's going to be a bit more difficult to cut back on.

3. I pledge to not water my grass this summer. I'm fine with a dried out lawn. Especially if I've got a luscious garden surrounding it. And also on the watering topic I pledge not to water my driveway. Done.

4. Our rain barrel will be super useful for said "luscious garden".. at least until we hit the dry part of summer.... now how to figure out to politely tell my neighbor to stop skimming from it...

5. If it's yellow let it mellow... if it's brown, flush it down. Enough said.

6. And lastly, I leave you with these Helpful Sources:

National Geographic - Water Footprint

100 Ways To Conserve

Annual Cost of  a Toilet and Shower (Canadian Figures)

Naserita - aka water rights guru. Having just MASTERed the topic, She'll give you all you need to know on why we should be careful about what we do with our water. Tell her I told you to come and see her.

Buenas Noches Amigas!!