We Live in a World With October

LM-Montgomery-october-quote Normally I don't like to go on about the weather (that's a complete lie, I could probably write a whole blog on weather and changing seasons) but seriously I need to highlight for a second how incredibly BEAUTIFUL the weather has been over the past couple weeks. Yesterday I was wearing shorts. Shorts!! It was actually 25 degrees in my backyard. Mike said to me yesterday he doesn't remember an October that's ever been this beautiful in Ottawa.

And then I got to thinking about how I understand the older people in the world who like to migrate to Florida or Arizona in the winter. It would just be so lovely to be warm like that all year 'round. So, so tempting.

But truth be told, I'd miss October too much. This beautiful month when the world here is on fire. When the temperature is hovering on change. When you get to see it all transform right before your eyes.

And so Lucy Maud, you hit the nail on the head with this one. I'm glad I live in a world where there are Octobers too.

Just another thing to be Thankful for on the Eve of Thanksgiving!! Happy Harvest everyone!!