It's One Day

wedding preparations!

(that's the backyard we're getting married in on SATURDAY!!! ^^^)

Has anyone seen the Disney commercial with the little boy who's like "But I'm too excited to sleep" ? That's how I feel right now (minus the fact that I'm pretty exhausted from a whirlwind of stuff leading up to the wedding.)

I read a quote this morning when I was scrolling through my facebook newsfeed:

"All great changes are preceded by chaos."

So much of "regular life" this summer we've given up to: "Well it's the summer we're getting married. What did we expect?" And it's true. It was probably May when I relented and said, You know what? I don't need to stay on top of an immaculate house. And we're just going to have to say no sometimes. We can't do everything and be in every place.

I know there are probably some people out there with a different school of thought when it comes to getting married - as in - why "waste" all that time and money and create so much stress for an event. Based on how many people I know who have had traditional style wedding ceremonies, I'm guessing there aren't that many people out there who feel this way, but I think we've all thought it at some point. Like... is all this planning and stress worth it?

But I can honestly say, right now, I'm a bit dog tired. But not weary. And I've been run down, but I've had so much fun planning and crafting and organizing. I kind of feel like I'm in my element.

And yes it's one day.

But it's one day that we'll surely be called to draw from countless times in our life - when things get tough, when Mike and I fight, when I feel alone, when I want to remember how important family is. I really don't think you can put a price on that. But weddings are personal things - I have never been to two that are even close to similar. They're all unique and special in their own way whether it's at a court house or in the biggest church in the city. But in my life right now, I don't mind the chaos. Because I am so, so excited.