Many Hands

sparrow-in-the-tree-top sparrow-in-the-tree-top sparrow-in-the-tree-top sparrow-in-the-tree-top sparrow-in-the-tree-top sparrow-in-the-tree-top sparrow-in-the-tree-top sparrow-in-the-tree-top sparrow-in-the-tree-top There's this amazing view point outside of the town I grew up in - you can see Lake Ontario from the top of this hill. I used to drive down that road and on a really clear day, you can see the islands in the lake that the birds nest on. When I was little when the water level in lake was low, my dad and I would walk from the beach across the sandbars to the islands. In my head it's always been a view that's my own, even though I don't own the road or the lake or the islands - I'm thinking it might be a good place for a few pictures... of a special occasion. We gave it a test run to see how it would feel - happy to report, it seemed a good fit.

But of course this was only a small fraction of our long-holiday weekend.

I'll probably just have to include this in most posts from here on out, but Mike and I are so grateful to all the help we had over the past few days. We spent the long weekend weeding, planting, shovelling and pruning the gardens at my sister and brother-in-law's place because it's officially planting season! And also, they're hosting our wedding so you know, it's the least we could do.

But we really can't say it enough; we're just putting the beginning stages of this wedding together and daily I'm reminded about how awesome our family and friends are.  We had family drive through busy Toronto traffic on the long-weekend - only to put gardening gloves on and pick up some sort of shovel and get dirty. And my sister's gardens are now full of perennials from friends and family who gifted buckets of plants to help fill in the spaces (I can't wait to see how everything looks mid-summer!) It's crazy how much work we were able to get done in such a short period of time.

Anyway, I have that good sort of fatigue going on, the kind where I'm sore but it's because I know I worked hard for it. I used to feel this way when I did gardening for my summer job, and it's a different sort of satisfaction then the one you have after a you leave an office desk. I'm still mulling it over in my head... I know I can't do physical labour for the rest of my life, but there really is something to be said for fresh air and sunshine - at the end of the day, I feel so... wonderfully complete.