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Last weekend Mike's family threw me a shower. It felt so amazing to have all the love from that many women in one room.  Before there was Mike there were some pretty extraordinary girlfriends who made the move to a foreign place on my own SO much easier and I can't put into words how grateful I am for these ladies.

I remember the first time I met Mike's immediate family - we met them in a restaurant and I was so nervous I knocked the broccoli off my plate as I was trying to cut it into manageable bite sized pieces. When I met his extended family for the first time it was at a Thanks-giving dinner and I remember I felt at home in the chaos. Sometimes when I'm driving around Ottawa by myself, the city still feels new to me. And then I think of all the ways that I've been made to feel at home here, connected with people who have called Ottawa home forever. I feel pretty lucky to have been welcomed into such a beautiful family and such a beautiful city.

thank you