First Day of School, Birthday And Strep Throat

Today was my first day of "First Day of School" in three years.

Compounding this was the fact that I have strep throat.

It was a bit of a challenge to say the least ... navigating the halls/campus of a new school, taking notes on TA management systems, and how to apply for research funding, all the while trying not to breath on people...

The funding session was the one that really freaked me out the most: "Oh, and by the way, have you thought of your research topic yet? Because if you haven't, you should" Oops. How can it be that it's the first day and I already feel behind the 8-ball?

The "first day business" was becoming a little much for me by noon. I realized this when I forgot my brand new purple Nalgene (that I had so carefully picked out with Mike the day before) in a lecture hall 20 minutes after the fact and it almost made me break down and cry. I also managed to get on the wrong bus, fall UP the stairs, and accidentally draw on my face with pen. Marvelous. I think I hit all the major hallmarks of "new student" within about 3 hours. I kept searching the crowd of Grad students for familiar faces... faces of friends that I had made the last time I was on a university campus. It's just such a different environment. It's a completely new start. And when it's all said and done.. I'll be... (gulp) THIRTY. Nothing makes your 20's fly by like being stuck in the semester system.

Speaking of how time flies, yesterday was my birthday and the best present I think I got was antibiotics.

Well that and Season One of Downton Abby, which consequently is a great comfort to watch while sipping ginger ale when you are sick.