Getting all Nostalgic about Motels

That title ^^^ a combination of words you probably never thought you would see written together. But I have this hunch that everyone has some sort of memory from one point or another of an experience at a motel. I pass by a bunch of motels on my drive to work every morning and I'm always thinking, "There's got to be good stories about the people who own or stay in motels." So the first opportunity I had in school, (which happened to be the week before last), I did a radio documentary about "The Motel."

Below you'll find the intro a doc that made it's debut on 93.1 here in Ottawa! Let me know what you think!

---------------------------- The roadside motel.

It used to be the mirage in the distance

A stopover for weary travellers.

The place to stay in days gone by.

When not everything had to be shiny and new.

Today old worn out buildings still dot secondary highways. The roads that at one point were the only way to travel, before they were replaced with four-lane highways.

Leftovers from a era when the roadtrip took just a little bit longer.

I fulfilled a life long fascination with the roadside pitstop when I spoke with an owner of a local motel here in Ottawa. It's a relic of that past, that today, is quickly becoming irrelevant.

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