It's Beginning to Taste Like Fall

So I'm back at school. It's official. The school year is in full swing... and everything including days of the week already seem to be blurred, one into another.

The biggest hurdle this week has been the adjustment to writing. And always thinking about what I can write. (No like seriously I'm constantly walking around thinking trying to multitask while compose a story idea in my head.) I may or may not have had a complete meltdown when my news story assignment I was working on, failed to, in my opinion meet standards. This after my first assignment had been completely ripped apart by the professor... so I guess it was conceivable that it wasn't up to standards. From my miserable spot on the carpet I started morosely singing Kelly Clarkson "What doesn't kill us makes us stronger.." and I managed to compose myself enough to do some proof-reading. I know it will get easier, but my immediate present reeks of fall: you know, back to school, many assignments and many late nights rubbing my temples thinking "WHY GOD, WHY am I HERE AGAIN"

he he...


On the bright side. Fall is my favourite season. Last weekend I bought a number of bath and body works soaps so that keeps me amused ... and hygenic!  (no seriously washing your hands with Fresh Apple Cider soap is divine.) ALSO it means fall flavours. This morning I made a Pumpkin Pie Smoothie from the Forks Over Knives cook book. It actually made my day. Did you ever know you could drink a pie flavour? Not me. But I'll tell ya, one can of pumpkin puree is good for like 6 smoothies so I'm going to be having a lot of these babies over the next week.

Happy Friday Folks!