The Guy Who Builds Fire

Here's a peak behind the scenes at what life as a journalism student is like. Also a bit of a "treat" if you've ever wondered what I sound like (stay tuned below): 20131004-135419.jpg

This is the fire guy. That's what I kept calling him anyway. (side note: I have a slight obsession with The Office so when I say "fire guy" I'm thinking Season 2 when Ryan burns his cheesy pita and hence the nickname).


This is the real Fire Guy. His name is Tom Marcantano.

A couple weeks ago my radio partner Max (hand pictured below) and I drove out to the rural woods of Quebec. It was a Friday night and we were set to watch a presentation about fire. Oh the places stories will take you - we found out about this one through Meet-Ups, which consequently are a great source for human interest stories, in case you were looking.


So it's 7 pm on a Friday night and there are kids running around and we're watching Marcantano instruct us how to make fire, specifically a "Rocket Stove." (Pictured above).

The idea is that fire can actually be a far more efficient source of heat for your home. Marcantano is a permaculturalist and he does these presentations for people about why we should be focusing on turning back to the basics if we're going to save the world. (Love this kind of stuff.) You might say, "But Emily, isn't cutting down trees for firewood the opposite of SUSTAINABLE?!" Marcantano says, no. Because if it's done the right way, it's way more efficient then fossil fuels. He even told us a neat story about how his father was a tree steward in Italy and he was the keeper of the forest. Who knew. Fascinating stuff.

The people who were in attendance for the presentation included myself and Max and a few people interested in using this sort of stove to heat their Geodome (a type of greenhouse) or maybe one day, their house.

Are you still with me?

By the way, background research on Permaculture led me here:



Crazy. These are essentially the equivalent of REAL LIFE HOBBIT HOLES. And they're good for the mother earth. So you know, basically my dream. Plus it sounds like you can pilot your home to the centre of the earth a la Jules Vern and ain't nobody gonna complain about that.



But I digress.

After Marcantano did his fire presentation, we were invited into the basement of the house where he told us all about his history which starts in a small town in Northern Italy, and how he got interested in sustainable living to begin with. Also he read us some poetry about fire.

All in all it was a very enLIGHTening evening. (DO YOU SEE WHAT I DID THERE?!)

We put together a small radio documentary about it - and I'm posting it here for you to listen to - however full disclosure: I'm told we might have confused the audience because of the way the narration happens. But, first kick at the can, you know? Baptism by fire. (I JUST CAN'T STOP/WON'T STOP!)

Also, isn't Soundcloud the best? I'm in love with this thing. I could like, you know, just TALK to my heart's content into the internet.

Lord help us all.

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