Praises for the first day of Spring

Spring Jacket And aren't we all just SO ready for this day? It feels like it's been coming forever. It's actually raining outside if you can believe it or not and my backyard is a mushy pile of wet snow and somewhere underneath that mound of frozen ice are piles of presents that Cliff has been leaving us on dark winter nights when were were too frozen in our spot at the patio door to do anything about it.

They say that Canadians talk about the weather a lot - it's a common stereotype. But here's the thing - it's true, but it's not just small talk; Canadians talk about the weather like it's their job. It's because we are surrounded for so many days out of the year with waiting, watching, until that moment when we can resurface again. I have sympathy for all those people in the South who were shocked by an off course polar vortex this year. But that polar vortex? It made our usually long and dark and cold winter even more protracted then a normal year. By March we're usually privy to a warm day or two, with maybe 10 days in our Spring jackets by April 1. On a good year March break would be about running around on the brown grass or being told to stay away from creeks and ditches because the melting snow was a torrent. This year we're still frozen solid. This year on March 20, I'm still in my heavy, smelly winter coat (that I swear I'm throwing out the first time it hits plus five in symbolic celebration) and I'm fairly certain the sky has only been blue 2 out of the past 30 days.

So yea, the weather here is the fabric of our lives. We weave it around ourselves and we know it intimately - either as a house guest or family member we can't wait to get rid of, or as one we can't wait to embrace when it's been gone for a long, extended period of time.

So today. It's hardly going to be that glorious first day of Spring you read about in story books. But I can guarantee you we're going to sing its praises. Because we are part of the Spring and the Spring is part of us.

Just me or are you ready for this too?