10 months with C Dawg

20130904-131700.jpg We've officially made it! We didn't return him and he didn't run away from us. Ten months with Cliff!! Technically it's eight months since he was two months when we got him, but I'm rejoicing having sustained a living, breathing, dependable animal for a substantial period of time. He's made it to his 10 month doggy-versary!!

Everything anyone ever said about owning a lab is true: they shed, they hardly sit still and they chew everything. It's also true that despite having turned our life completely up-side down, we wouldn't change it for anything. (....well we would change the whining at six in the morning.... Maybe just that).

My favourite item that he's ingested was a whole cantaloupe (rind, seeds- everything) and one of my favourite memories so far was when the vet called us to pick him up early after his "surgery" because he was experiencing quite a bit of "separation anxiety" (read: barking incessantly) - welcome to our world.

We made it through about two months of a mystery illness where he threw up wayyyy too much - to the point of loosing weight, and when the vet couldn't figure it out I'm proud to say my dog-owner intuition kicked in (It was the Nyla Bones- almost as bad as rawhide it turns out... At least in Cliff's case) and things were a bit smoother once the stomach issues subsided.

Probably about two months after I met Mike, I started talking about wanting a dog. I've been fixated since Marley and Me. And here we are! I'm now a believer that a pet can teach you more about each other - the stuff you need to know- then you ever would have expected. Cliff has made us more flexible, slightly neurotic and I think, more accepting of each other's quirks and eccentricities.

Cheers to La vida cliffy!!