A Blog is a Blog

dock-at-cottage Blogging has been frustrating me lately. I'm not sure if it's because it's summer and there's so much else I'd rather be doing, but I'm finding it hard to sit down and hammer "it" all out.

Sometimes I get bogged down with the echo that a  blog has to "be" something... it's like the Rat Race of the internet world. For me, that's when it becomes overwhelming. To be honest, sometimes (especially when you know, Life) the thought of sitting down to create perfectly polished content takes the fun out of it for me.  Right now I've got a lot of really beautiful to-do items on my brain, but I don't like the idea of blasting wedding stuff all the time - because I think that can come off as pretentious - and a bit "GETTING MARRIED IS THE ONLY THING." And then otherwise I'm like... "Heyyyyy. Here are my half drafted thoughts." TakemeasIam.)

You see this is me at my core; I'm a bit of a happy-go-lucky-pinteresty-photo-taking-cynic - because a good blogger doesn't really show the un-composed side. Sure she might show the "real" side, but un-composed? Unedited. Never.  It's a curse and a blessing in regular real life for me - because I'm really transparent which can either bring you waaaayyy down or it can let people know that you're on the same side. As in, we're all un-edited; I mean, I truly get that. And I like to think it keeps me grounded...It's probably also why I have a small (but amazing!) circle of blog readers - I'm thinking I'm not main stream enough for the analytics kick-backs. (Funny story; one time I actually had analytics. (What? That's the end of the story.)

And that's ok because blogging doesn't, despite what the "blogger-psychoanalysts" say (how are there all of a sudden so MANY of them), have to be about validation. It really doesn't. That's why, in my world, it's a hodgepodge of stuff; it's baking and DIY and long rants about life like maybe about changing your name or dropping out of school.

Sometimes I have fun editing pictures and being useful to someone out there in the great wide world, but much of the other time I like the idea that a blog is a blog - nothing more, nothing less. That's probably why they called it a "blog"; the world's most nondescript, sloppy, and arcane sounding name. I've never been the sort of blogger to fine tune content that "takes my readers into consideration" - when I get to that point, I always think to myself, it's time to take a bit of a step back from the whole beautifully edited world that is the internet.  And so I did.

But I came back.

We always do, don't we? (Except for "Project: Baby Blog" (remember!?).... she's been gone a long time now... it kind of makes me nervous... like you'll never know where she'll pop up. Kidding! #bloghumour)

So you see. This is the sort of random-ish rant piece you get when I don't write regularly.  In the back of my head earlier today was like... "oh yea, you have all those posts you're supposed to do." Until the reality check kicked in and I remembered:

A blog is a blog.

And sometimes it looks a lot like this. ^^^