A Labour Day that Felt Just Like Summer

DSC_1151 Labour Day is always one of those weird holidays of mixed emotion; you're super sad for the Summer to end, but in a way, excited about Fall - whether it's because you've got new back to school clothes in the hopper, or just because it feels like a fresh beginning.

We were in my home town over the weekend celebrating what was a really great summer. (A summer that flew by perhaps....which just means it was way too enjoyable.) We arrived in town to an amazing surprise: my lovely cousin waiting for me behind a rack of scarves at the local coffee/antique/giftshop (yes it really is all of those things at once). It was so nice to catch up with her - time always moves too quickly when you're visiting.

All Summer I've been complaining that it hasn't been hot enough (I'm positive we only turned the A/C on for three days - Mike swears it was a week...). Regardless, in my opinion it's been way too comfortable of a Summer. I like the kind of Summer that just makes you crave the Fall. Tank-tops for three months straight, and I'd be happy. Canada is cold enough in the winter, you have to feel like you really had your fill of the heat when you have the chance.

I'm happy to say this weekend satiated my need for heat (just in the knick of time). I put jogging pants on for our camp fire and ended up having to change because I was sweating hot. Now I will adequately remember the last weekend of Summer as a scorcher and I will do my best not to complain when February rolls around (no promises though).

We attempted to watch a scary movie (first we watched Blair Witch and then Mike and I tried to convince the group we should watch something even scarier) - it was foiled of course by my older sister who is a much bigger 'fraidy cat then I am ;)

The other highlights? An interesting attempt to do a "good-bye to Summer home pedicures" using a combination of vinegar, water and Listerine (we saw it on Pinterest OK?) and our feet ended up dyed an interesting shade of Smurf blue (PinterestFAIL) although they were admittedly smoother, so all was not wasted?

Cliff chewed my dad's wallet to pieces (little darlin'), my six-year-old nephew is learning to breakdance and it's the cutest thing (ever!) and my family made THE most delicious dinner of Spanikopita, kebabs and various salads on Saturday night. Everything that is summer, basically wrapped up with a bow.

cliff-the-labradorantique-emporium-brightongifts, antiques, coffee & cousins waiting to surprise you ^^


coffee bar ^^^ best mochachino in town.

antique-emporium antique-emporium antique-emporiumIMG_3640

 cousin & sister love ^^^

IMG_3639a photo shoot ensued:

sister-and-cousin sister-cousin Antique-emporium-brightonand a bracelet flew off mid shoot ^^^

giant-dane air-bud

air bud ^^ DSC_1146 anchors-away

anchor's away/saying goodbye to fave summer shorts ^^

DSC_1149 labour-day-bon-fire great-dane-love labour-day-bon-fire

family-dinner fashion-showafter dinner entertainment ^^^ these two are pretty amazing kids.

signing-autographssigning autographs after some break-dancing ^^


small town, Saturday night ^^last-bon-fire-of-summer

And then before we knew it, Summer was over! Labour Day you always live up to my expectations. Today's my birthday - so it helps me be excited for the year ahead. I think I was lucky landing a birthday that happens to fall on the long weekend most years :)

I hope you had a great long weekend!!