Ah yes, the Planning

yearofmemories.jpgAfter we got engaged, one of the first questions I got was “Oh are you going to blog about it”? It’s a fair question I guess since I don’t really usually have a rhyme or purpose when I set out to write these posts – I mean I tend to just take the blog in any willy-nilly direction I please (#myblogmyrules). But I can’t really see myself doing too many “do-it-yourselves”… since I’m anything but an authority on the topic, and I’m pretty sure people more than enough access to “Make a paper pin-wheel tutorials” (I was thinking pinwheels would be cute in the centerpieces...).

But the truth is, I've been a bad blogger when it comes to actually writing what’s going on in my life. I try too often to make things flowery or well put, when really it might serve just as well to keep an account of what’s going on in my life.

I’ll explain. Yesterday Mike and I opened the Mason jar that we had used to hold special moments that stuck out from the year (I got the idea from Pinterest here). There weren't that many in the jar, about 30 in total, because we weren't overly diligent. But in the those that we had written out, the ones that stuck out were pretty simple and straightforward; the weather changing, Cliff learning to do a high-five, a really great day when we just ambled about the city. In real life those simple little things are the ones that I appreciate recording.

So it’s a bit of a tangent, but what I’m getting at is, how do you write about the seemingly mundane, without feeling like you are blathering on so? This could be applied to any area of life, not just wedding planning. But the point is, sometimes you get consumed by that regular stuff - and all the big picture beautiful writing pieces that you had lined up, they get pushed aside. It’s quickly becoming apparent to me that, "the planning," that’s what’s consuming my thoughts lately. Not beautiful essays on life, not goal setting for the year... just you know, colour schemes. And appetizers.

But since I did manage to have a few goals, welcome to my first one: the daily in’s and out’s of the Life of Emily. Because a year from now, this is what I’m going to want to look back on.

And today? It’s freezing in Ottawa (-32 to be exact) and I’m hoping to secure a location for a wedding. The planning, it starts.

Have you planned a wedding before? How did you keep from driving everyone around you nuts with wedding details?