Anti-Cooking Series: Watermelon mint granita

Of all the summer flavours, I'm pretty sure that watermelon is "The One." To me, it's just the epitome of a summer. Juicy, refreshing, clean, healthy; Watermelon is all these things wrapped up neatly in one beautiful green package. Cutting watermelon open is one of my favourite things - it's like nature chose to camouflage the brilliant pink of watermelon by casing it in a green outer layer.

But the secret's out. You might even say... cracked open (sorry, couldn't resist!)

Today Alicia is doing amazing things with watermelon - but don't just take my word for it... look and see for yourselves!

Head on over to Jaybird blog for a 2 for 1 Recipe Deal:

Watermelon Mint Granita:

Watermelon Mint Granita

Watermelon Juice:

Watermelon Juice 3


**Insert pause of refreshness**

It's already WEEK FOUR of the anti-cooking series and I can't believe we've simultaneously watched a MONTH of summer fly by!!

So with a month under out belt, I think it's safe to say that Alicia and I have actually surprised ourselves and had a lot of fun with this little side project! We started out looking for unique ways to hold our selves "raw"-hostage ... in an attempt to beat the summer heat and try healthier, whole-food recipes.

And suddenly it dawned on us!

Anti-cooking doesn't have to be Anti-Social!!

Now we'd like to loop you in too!! If you are out there trying out raw recipes, we'd love to hear from you! On Instagram or twitter use the hashtag #Anticooking - and we'll do a round-up, link-up to all your posts!

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