Beach Bum

20140704-091109-33069520.jpg(Just a girl and her dog #summerlovin ^^)

I inadvertently tucked another item off of my summer of 29 list! Which if you haven't been following, was my attempt at trying to do some things for me this the summer dubbed whirl-wind of life. It was Canada Day when I got to jump in the lake for the first time (and hopefully not only time); I had made it Number 8 on the list of things I really wanted to do before the summer was up and I turned 30! Apparently I'm not the only one wanting to carve out a bit of time for just me. Alicia from JayBird blog has got a "Wanna List" going on (as in, forget your typical "Bucket List" extreme and let's just try and tackle space for things that are simply gratifying). It's something I'm continually trying to remind myself since the I know in the back of my head that "life is really what happens when you're busy making other plans" but it's harder to commit to real-life when things are busy all around you. If there's anyone out there doing the same, I'd love to hear your take on stopping and smelling the roses.

Having my picture taken while wearing a bathing suit makes me squeamish. (not just me? Ok good.) So needless to say, there's not usually to much proof of me swimming. But actually, I LOVE the water. I love floating and just staring at the sky. And I love it when it's so hot outside that jumping in is the biggest relief. So self-confidence, be dammed, picture be proof. And summer of 29? I love you.