Big Yellow Taxi

Why do I have a broken freezer and keep forgetting? Earlier this summer I thought, “I’ll just make some lemon sorbet.” Here’s how that turned out.

In this crazy heat there’s nothing more refreshing then an ice cold drink, filled to the brim with ice cubes. Or a frozen fruit smoothie. Or Ice Cream. Or a banana Popsicle. Am I right or am I right?

Ok so if I’m right you will be able to sympathize with the following:

Do you know how disappointing it is to bring home a delicious box of real-fruitcicles only to remember that your freezer barely keeps an ice cube frozen? And then do you know how devastating it is to put said box of fruitciles into broken freezer in hopes that “maybe this time” they’ll stay frozen.

For the record, they didn’t (stay frozen) and I was forced to put a box of melted juice mess into the garbage.

Don't it always seem to go? That you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone?

Today is the day. We get a new fridge. Not only a new fridge, but a fridge with a functioning freezer. Luxury.

I am going to be a Popsicle face the rest of the summer to try to make up for lost time.