Blame it on my Wild Heart

20130808-203106.jpgHas anyone else heard this version of the song Wild Heart by Stevie Nicks? It's just 10 hundred times better than the original they ended up recording. I love how some random camera captured her in this moment... it's really, really beautiful and carefree and it's no wonder she became such a successful artist. Unplugged she's even better than polished (in my opinion a true sign that her love for what she does is about a burning fire and not a production.) (Side note: I'm probably responsible for about 150 of the youtube hits on this video... full disclosure). You guys, I'm a scatter brain in the truest sense of the term.

Not like I keep loosing things... and I'm actually fairly organized and on top of my schedule.

What I mean to say is that one day I think I want stability, routine, and security and the next I want to just ride the open road (with CDog and Mike in tow of course). My head says I'm ready to settle down but my heart is still just jumping all over the place - I don't want to miss out on anything. Like today I suddenly got passionate about all the missing children in North America so I spent a (brief) 15 minutes looking up jobs with the national non-profit organization that does this sort of work. I (again briefly) considered applying for the position of Content/Writer Researcher and it wasn't until I was reminded of the 15 other life paths I have lying in front of me that I decided it wouldn't be the best idea to throw another fork in the road into the midst of it all. (Consequently though if you are in the Alexandria, VA area [or Ottawa for that matter because clearly I'm unaware of geographic barriers to entry] there are some neat opportunities with this organization & you should check it out.)

In addition to "Voice for the Missing Children" I've also considered the following career paths (in no particular order):

journalist, freelance writer, vineyard owner, restaurant owner, government worker/civil servant, athletic shoe sales rep, PR rep for a canvas print company, marketing rep for senior's housing, landscape business entrepreneur, development worker (including various international NGO's), material boutique owner, author, personal trainer, photographer.....

.....Oh and in my hobby life I'd like to have a chicken coop.

I think you get the picture (but like no seriously when I say I've considered those options I mean like I've cohhhonsidered or been close to taking any of those career routes.)

Maybe when I said scatter-brain I really meant scattered heart? I'm not really sure what allows me to make most of my decisions in this life. I'd say it's about 80% / 20%, with the heart winning out most of the time. Which is why I end up doing two master's degrees and feeling pulled in about 80 different directions.

Alas.... I'll figure out where I'm headed in due course. And not all of those options have to happen exclusively of one another. That's the nice thing about enjoying writing... perhaps I'll be able to fit that in, in my spare time... you know when I'm not selling shoes, taking pictures or operating my cute indie fabric store.

The good news is I have a plan for the next six months and today, that makes my heart and brain happy.

Oh and I took that picture ^^^ running this AM with Cliff. (First doggy trail run and it didn't go too badly!!)