Can you call camping if there's electricity?


In my world, two adventurous things are happening this weekend:

a) We're going camping


b) We're taking a rambunctious 9 month-old lab with selective hearing camping with us.

I'm not really a camper per say ... I'm more of a "cottager" or "cabiner." I like to sleep on some sort of elevated platform and one of my most despised feelings is touching the side of a tent in your sleeping bag and getting wet from the condensation.

IF that makes me sound like a prissy princess (I assure, I'm really not in most areas), I'm sorry, but I just can't take it back.

But I have to admit that the fact that I don't like camping, has always perplexed me. I know I don't have to like and do everything in this world, but after all, it's one night and we'll have our car, and truth be told, camping has always held a kind of allure to me. I'm of the impression that it could very well be something I just assume I don't like. I figure that maybe I need to give it a good old college try before I knock it completely.

While it's far from "Camping" (with a capital C) I figure that all amenities and modern day comforts (that come with a campsite with electrical plug in) will be cancelled out by the fact that we are taking our lovely big Cliff boy with us. I'm not sure how he's going to handle being in a campground with all those sounds and smells and people and other dogs... and I'm slightly worried we'll spend more time chasing him down and less time relaxing.

But where's the fun in that?

Baby steps.