Church Key Brewing

20130905-094543.jpg I never thought I'd say this but last Sunday, I drank beer in a church.

Over Labour day weekend my cousin surprised me for my birthday by showing up to my parent's place and so we took the opportunity to do a little moseying around the county together. Not too long ago when Mike and I were having dinner out in Ottawa the restaurant listed off Church Key Brewing as one of the beers they offered on tap. It's a micro brewery and when I realized how close it was located to my parents house, we made a note to visit at some point when we were in the area.

On the drive there the irony of the excursion (i.e. church + beer + plus Sunday) didn't really occur to me... But once we got inside and were handed sample beers for the tour, I realized how much of a church the building still really is. The brewery has done a really cool job of integrating the old building and chapel in that not much has been changed at all; the stain glass windows are still intact and the choir loft serves as the office for the company.. however in the past it probably over-looked a pulpit whereas now it looks over huge vats for boiling down the hops. It's a really small brewery and they do all the deliveries themselves - and there's only a handful of people who do many different jobs (from tours of the church to driving the delivery truck).

I'm not a huge beer drinker but what I tried was really good (how could i not sample the one called "Irish Red"?!)

Mike of course was in heaven - he brought home two growlers of "Holy Smoke" and if you're wondering what a growler is, you aren't alone. Basically it's one of those old whiskey looking jugs that I imagine banjo players spit into while they were sitting on a covered veranda in the 1920's. So it was a really fun day and neat to see something like a micro- brewery thriving in the middle of farm country. I'm always a sucker for an entrepreneurial success story :)

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